Online Performance & Learning Systems Exclusively For Law Firms

Managing partners report that the single most challenging element of lawyer performance reviews is converting evaluation results into constructive action plans.

Source: How Associate Evaluations Measure Up. A National Study of Performance Assessments.
The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education, 2006


Developing Capability

In an increasingly competitive and dynamic legal sector, the need for law firm partners and staff to respond to change is critical. At the heart of this response is the learning programs which supports legal, paralegal and non-legal staff with continuous learning and development.

SkillsScorecard LMS is an online Learning Management System exclusively for law firms. Our LMS —

  • Supports employees to plan and register for learning activities
  • Supports employees to track and manage compliance
  • Supports L&D to schedule and communicate and evaluate learning activities

Our LMS is easy to use and easy to implement. It can be deployed across multiple jurisdictions and fully integrated with our Performance Management System.

Everyone Benefits

Learning & Development

Reduce administration - save time scheduling and managing L&D

Communicate L&D - target user communication by role, group & need

Support CPD tracking - support employees to track CPD compliance

Simplify registration - automate user registration for L&D programs


Increase profitability - accelerate skills development

Improve retention - leverage learning as a key retention driver

Lead learning - demonstrate leadership support for learning


Browse learning options - browse and select learning activities

Action learning goals - set and execute learning goals

Track CPD compliance - review and report on CPD compliance

Product Features

Customisation - tailor your LMS to match firm structure and programs

Branding - brand your LMS with your firm logo, livery and language

CPD Tracking - tracking tools for learners and administrators

L&D Blog - communicate and discuss courses and resources

Materials Bank - incorporate and manage Materials Bank content

User portal - manage learning from a personal user portal

Admin portal - manage accounts, registration and reporting

Single Sign On - provide easy system access with Single Sign On

Security - secure hosting, daily data backup, encryption, 24/7 monitoring

Support - train the trainer programs, user manuals and online support

HRIS integration - import HRIS data

PMS integration - identify learning goals with the SkillsScorecard PMS

Annual updates - regular software updates