Online Performance & Learning Systems Exclusively For Law Firms

45% of associates say nothing changes after an evaluation.

Source: How Associate Evaluations Measure Up. A National Study of Performance Assessments.
The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education, 2006


SkillsScorecard provides online performance and learning systems exclusively for law firms. Our focus makes us unique.

Simple Technology for Easy Use - Online systems succeed or fail based on partner acceptance - so we designed our system is consultation with law firm partners. Our simple, engaging tools means that all your people, from the least tech-savvy to the most will enjoy using SkillsScorecard.

Faster, Cost Effective Customization - Customisation is faster because our baseline system, structure and content are based on standard law firm evaluation and learning processes and practices.

Access Law Specific IP - SkillsScorecard has undertaken extensive research into lawyer and professional support competencies and goal setting. You can leverage this IP at no extra cost when configuring goal, competency and learning data.

Specific, Detailed Planning - SkillsScorecard has the smartest L&D planning system in the legal industry. We align industry specific development options with your competency framework to support specific, detailed action planning.

Law Firm Insight - Our client managers have been lawyers and senior law firm managers. You can be assured that we will speak your language, connect with your people and be a valuable business partner.