Online Performance & Learning Systems Exclusively For Law Firms

Managing partners report that the single most challenging element of lawyer performance reviews is converting evaluation results into constructive action plans.

Source: How Associate Evaluations Measure Up. A National Study of Performance Assessments.
The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education, 2006


Our Work

SkillsScorecard builds, tailors and implements performance and learning software systems.

Our clients are law firms that are actively engaged in the global war for talent. They use SkillsScorecard to improve feedback, clarify career pathways and improve career development and learning – all key elements in the ongoing challenge to attract and retain top talent.

Our clients are also dealing with increased client demands for value, competition from new sources, regulatory change and the ongoing profit imperative. SkillsScorecard assists firms to improve productivity, reduce business and professional risk and accelerate skills development.

Our Strategic Competence

IP Development – our R&D into legal, paralegal and non-legal roles means clients have access to a rich repository of goal, competence and learning data.

Product Development – SkillsScorecard develops and implements systems that are practical, functional and easy to use.

Relationship Management – our Client Managers have been both lawyers and senior law firm managers. We speak our client’s language, connect with people and understand the change process.

Project Management – we drive on-time, on-budget project delivery through simple, clear plans and methods.

Our Guiding Principles

Focus – our law firm focus means sustained IP Development and Product Development for clients with common interests.

Simplicity – simple systems are used and enjoyed.

Sustainability - we continue to build a sustainable business, built on respect for our clients, our people and the environment.


SkillsScorecard employs people with capabilities in our areas of strategic competence. Employment vacancies will be communicated on our blog.