Online Performance & Learning Systems Exclusively For Law Firms

Managing partners report that the single most challenging element of lawyer performance reviews is converting evaluation results into constructive action plans.

Source: How Associate Evaluations Measure Up. A National Study of Performance Assessments.
The NALP Foundation for Law Career Research and Education, 2006


In the War for Talent, smart law firms understand the importance of feedback, learning and career development when it comes to retaining their best people.

SkillsScorecard implements online performance and learning tools exclusively for the legal sector.

  • Our Performance Management System (SkillsScorecard PMS) supports supervisors to provide comprehensive feedback and helps employees develop specific, detailed development plans
  • Our Learning Management System (SkillsScorecard LMS) supports employees to plan learning activities and track regulatory compliance

SkillsScorecard systems are easy to use and easy to implement. We use our extensive experience in the legal sector to support HR with all aspects of implementation, from training to change management.

Our PMS and LMS can be deployed independently or as an integrated solution. SkillsScorecard can be customised, configured and branded for individual firms.