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Reviewing legal education in the United Kingdom

January 7, 2011 - Law Firm Competencies

Significant moves are underway to review legal education in the United Kingdom.

The Chairman of the Legal Services Board has expressed an intention to undertake a broad ranging review in conjunction with the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Bar Standards Board and ILEX Professional Standards, to assess current arrangements against the skills and competencies needed for the workplace of the future.

In a series of engaging podcasts, Charon QC, interviews, in his inimitable style, a range of people involved in the legal education in the UK.

The issues raised in these podcasts will be familiar to many readers from jurisdictions that have examined legal education recently: is the law degree relevant and useful for the modern legal services market – is it fit for purpose? What is the relationship between academia and professional practice? How is the law taught and could it be taught more effectively?

For law firms, the implications are clear: what competencies will new lawyers have at the start of their legal life, and what competencies will need to be developed as they progress through the different phases of their career?

Podcasts in Charon QC’s podcast series include:

Interview with Professor Moorhead on the state of UK legal education

Interview with Nigel Savage, CEO of The College of Law on reform of legal education

Interview on the reform of legal education with Scott Slorach, College of Law

Interview with Professor Gary Slapper on the reform of legal education